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coraline book cover rosaline's rolls and scrollsCoraline by Neil Gaiman

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Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Children’s

Series: Standalone

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The day after they moved in, Coraline went exploring….

In Coraline’s family’s new flat are twenty-one windows and fourteen doors. Thirteen of the doors open and close.

The fourteenth is locked, and on the other side is only a brick wall, until the day Coraline unlocks the door to find a passage to another flat in another house just like her own.

Only it’s different.

At first, things seem marvelous in the other flat. The food is better. The toy box is filled with wind-up angels that flutter around the bedroom, books whose pictures writhe and crawl and shimmer, little dinosaur skulls that chatter their teeth. But there’s another mother, and another father, and they want Coraline to stay with them and be their little girl. They want to change her and never let her go.

Other children are trapped there as well, lost souls behind the mirrors. Coraline is their only hope of rescue. She will have to fight with all her wits and all the tools she can find if she is to save the lost children, her ordinary life, and herself.

Critically acclaimed and award-winning author Neil Gaiman will delight readers with his first novel for all ages.


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Book Review of Coraline by Neil Gaiman:


This was one strange little book.

For a children’s book, I thought Coraline had some huge amount of creepiness. Not fluffy creepy, or nice creepy; it was honestly creepy.
I’m not sure how I feel about it though. Sure, it was an enjoyable read, but as its the norm for me with Neil Gaiman’s MCs, I did not connect with Coraline on any level whatsoever. She felt so far away to me without any real character.
I was also confused as to where the Other Mother came from. What was she? Why was she haunting this house? So many questions left unanswered.
I think this book was created to creep out and entertain and that was what it did. But I prefer my books to be a little more than that.

Other than that, I enjoyed Coraline’s need to explore and her complete boredom when she had to stand still. It reminded me a lot of my own childhood. With two working parents and no siblings to entertain me, I was left to my own devices and I often roamed our garden and neighborhood looking for adventures and cool places to explore. I’m not sure the Other Mother’s world was something I would ever want to explore though.

Overall, I enjoyed Coraline for what it was. And I recommend it if you’re into creepy childhood adventures.


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